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ZX-12R Fairings

Kawaski ZX-12R Fairings  Kawasaki ZX-12r Fairings

EasyFairings offers premium quality aftermarket fairings for the 2000-2005 Kawasaki ZX-12R Ninja. Our Ninja aftermarket fairings go through the same injection-mold process as your original Kawasaki motorcycle fairings and meet or exceed OEM fairing specifications. Our motorcycle fairing kits are direct replacements to factory Ninja fairings, so there is no need for any major modification. Simply mount our aftermarket fairings in place of your old ones, using your original factory bolts and brackets. The pre-drilled holes and tabs will align with your original mounting points. EasyFairings guarantees 100% fit and showroom quality finish for your Kawasaki ZX-12R bike. Find the perfect fairing set or submit your own design for your ultimate ZX-12R dream ride.

Did you know?

The ZX-12R is the predecessor of the ZX-14r. It was also created by kawasaki to primarily compete with Suzuki Hayabusa. The first model was so fast, it had to be regulated and the top speed was restricted by motorcycle manufacturers gentlemen agreement. 

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